Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 6. Day 6. Possum Magic

There was a big party happening in my house last night and I wasn't invited.
Crashing, bashing badly behaved guests keeping up a racket until well after midnight (when this photo was taken)
And like the worst of house guests they decided to eat us out of house and home. The best Bowen mangoes were being devoured as quickly as we could serve them up. By this morning they were gone without so much as a thank-you note and certainly without cleaning up after themselves. Still they say that guests like fish start to really stink after five days and at least this pair only stayed a night.
We get possums on our deck on occasions. They are on the roof far more often using our house as a freeway to the gully. Noisy little buggers.
Until this year, however,  we've only ever had one deck visitor at a time but a couple of days back this Mum and Bub appeared. My nephew Connor was here and I reckon his eyes were as big as theirs as he watched with amazement. That night they didn't stick around.
Last night, perhaps because of the mango, they decided to hang for quite a bit.
I have a feeling they might be back. You've got to love a little bit of possum magic.*
And I was right. The little loves were back the following night. Here they are eating apple which they took from my hand.

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  1. Some of my friends hate them. I LOVE them. Even though we've spent over 2000 dollars securing our roof cavity. They are cute and part of living in Australia :)