Friday, January 25, 2013

January 25. Day 25. The Writing is on the Wall

There's something rather wickedly enjoyable being able to wonder aimlessly around a city as the people around you bustle about looking grey and efficient rushing to get to work. So it was this morning in Melbourne as I played tourist while everyone else was going about their normal Friday morning work business. But try as I might to put it out of my mind as I snapped away at the magnificent graffiti in a back Melbourne alley I knew that in a few hours I would be back at the airport flying home. The time had come. The writing was on the wall and all that.
I grow to love Melbourne more with each visit and with each new discovery. Often I just stumble on something but in the case of this laneway discovery I have my new virtual friend Smallclough to thank.
After posting about Melbourne on Flickr earlier this week I was given a tip off from a local about other things to keep an eye out for. What a great find and a happy note on which to end our all too short Melbourne stay. Never mind we will be back and Smallclough if ever you are in Brisbane may I return the favour.
So now it's back to my own city bustling about as we get ready for back to school next week. As sad as that is I will be happy to wake up in my own bed in the morning. You have to admit there's no place like home.

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