Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21. Day 21. Having a ball

 Schadenfreude (noun) Happiness at the misfortune of others.
This I promise is not my present state of mind. It is true that the misfortune of another - my uncle Philip - brings me to Melbourne this week.
My Mother's tennis-mad brother and wife Marie make an annual trip to Melbourne for the Australian Open Tennis.
So it was to be this week but because of a badly infected toe he is unable to walk and they have reluctantly decided not to make the journey. It is hard to feel anything but extremely sad for them.
I also feel extremely grateful at being able to share in the accommodation and tickets to the quarter finals he was to have used.
So today my mother, aunt, Theatre Boy and I flew from Brisbane to Melbourne. Theatre Boy and I will attend tomorrow's day session and the Wednesday night games. The Ladies the other two sessions.
Of course Melbourne has much more to offer than tennis so this afternoon the boy and I went off and hit the shops. This is what we saw in the Australia on Collins arcade.
Amaze-Balls it's called and that's exactly what I consider the whole opportunity.
Thanks Uncle Philip and get well soon.


  1. Jealous much. Although healing thoughts to your uncle.

  2. Great photo! Amaze balls indeed. Speedy well wishes to your Uncle x