Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 13. Day 13. My baby

It's my birthday. Well actually I was born in April but January 13 is the day I gave birth and today my "baby" turned 15. FIFTEEN. Good God where did all those years go?
He's taller than me (and his father neither of which are actually great achievements). His foot is about six sizes larger than mine. I can, however, still carry him. Okay in case you think this is getting weird carrying a 15-year-old is not something I do often but I like to test if I still could at least once a year and I am happy to say I still can should the need ever come my way.
The thing is your baby is always your baby.
When we married we took vowed about "in sickness and health". As any parent knows, there is no equivalent vow uttered by those giving birth but the unspoken is that and so, so much more. Funny how in the lead up to the birth you focus on preparing the nursery, the likely pain and the ensuing sleep deprivation and that's about it.
That is only one step in a long, long, rewarding, frustrating, delightful, infuriating journey. I'm only 15 years into it.
So happy birthday to my big baby Mr O. Love ya.