Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14. Day 14. Let them eat cake

Lewis Carroll had it almost right when he wrote that we have only one birthday a year but 364 un-birthdays each worth celebrating. Frankly I don't see why we should stop at one. Only fair to extend your birthday celebrations out over a period of days or weeks at least when you are young. It all evens out in the end because inevitably there will be years later in life when there are no birthdays at all - who wants to grow old? Nothing much to recommend that.
So it is that the boy starts day three of birthday celebrations today. There was one celebrations when all the family was in town last week. Yesterday, on his actual birthday, more cake and another dreadful rendition of Happy Birthday.
Today mini cup cakes will be delivered to the boy and friends at his musical theatre workshop. Another celebration has been pencilled in when friends out of town for the school holidays return in a week. Being gluten intolerant means Mr O can't (or won't) eat bread. Other gluten-free products such as muffins, pizza and - yes - cake are much more palatable. So in the words of Marie Antoinette "let them eat cake".

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