Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 31. Day 31. When I'm cleaning windows

Forget throwing stones, there are plenty of things people in glass houses should not do (even those with curtains).
The $200 I had to outlay for window cleaning today says clearly that people in glass houses shouldn't have children.
Don't get me wrong. I love all the glass around our house - the glass pool fence, the glass deck panels, the glass step panels. We have a fantastic outlook and a house that interacts with its environment but I have a sneaky suspicion that glass panelling was the brain child of a male architect (and one with no children at that).
As nice as it looks that's a sh*tload of glass to remove handprints and footprints (yes footprints) from and to clear of chlorine splashes from bomb diving. And that's before you start on the smears of what appears to be food and even the imprint of where the basketball misses the hoop and hits the deck glass.
One thing you can say about my extended family, they do a great smear job.
But I can see clearly now the smears have gone thanks to Ulick.
It's official. People in glass houses should have a credit card.

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