Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23. Day 23. Hit me with your best shot

These days, images of anything can be found within seconds with the click of a mouse. You could be stealing these photos I took today at the Rod Laver Arena as we speak. Should you be doing a right click to save, I might as well tell you that's Victoria Azarenka and a bloke fixing the SpiderCam courtside during a break (above) Jeremy Chardy (left) and Roger Federer and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (below).
But anyway children, let me tell you a scary story about the prehistoric past where there was no such thing as Wikipedia not Google images. No really. That time did exist.
I can tell you this because after 30 years I think the official secrets period expires and my darling little brother can no longer come after me for breaching family confidentiality.

It was a Sunday night when sweet little Michael, then in about Grade 6 (we didn't even call them Years back then) announced that he has to do a talk the next morning and it needed to be accompanied with a poster, palm cards the whole business.
It could be on any topic but somehow the information and the images had to be conjured up and there was no World Wide Web to rely on. At this point having a big sister with a teen obsession relating to someone other than Lief Garrett came in handy, very handy indeed.
There was nothing I did not know about John McEnroe and I had the tennis magazines to back it up.
So I wrote that talk, my father made the poster, mum transcribed my scribbles on to palm cards and the darling boy committed it to memory. I'm pretty sure that's not what the teachers mean by "helping" with homework but it sure got him out of the poo. Must be ace to have such a great sister. I'm still waiting for the cheque.

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