Friday, January 18, 2013

January 18. Day 18. Bumblebee showing

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Bumblebee who?
Bumblebee showing if you don't wear pants.
Okay, you'd better stop laughing now or your side will surely split.
Don't blame me for this joke. Blame my Dad. It's a Dad joke.
A Dad joke defined as a lame, embarrassing or unfunny joke told by someone's father.
My Dad was a Dad joker of the top order. Despite being a man with a greatly developed sense of humour he had a special liking of the Dad joke.
I couldn't count how many times we were told about the two blokes cleaning the deck of a ship. One said "Where's the soap". The other replied "Yes it does doesn't it."
You just snorted, right? Okay probably not.
But that's the aim of a Dad joke to make you groan.
And smile at least on the inside as I do every time I see a bee like this one I photographed just up the road today.
A bee not wearing pants? Its name must be Nicholas. I'll stop now.


  1. What a brill photo and a lovely story. My dad also is the master of the dad joke. He still makes me laugh even though his jokes are awful.

  2. that flower looks a bit like a huge forkfull of noodles to me! as always another amazing capture and your words really made me smile as it reminds me of a story my grandparents told me x

  3. Fantastic photo, and a great story.

  4. Such a fabulous photograph. You can almost see the bee's personality there! Great joke....bumblebee showing...

  5. Love how he has his legs out ready to land. Great shot!

  6. dad jokes are always dodgy but also the ones that stick!

  7. How do you always manage to take such amazing photos?! My mum was the awful joke teller and that has been passed on to my son who constantly makes up long winded not very funny jokes.

  8. You cant beat a dad joke! Great picture!

  9. its granddad jokes now in our house, with grandad and Bob trying to out do each other. you must have a lot of patience to capture the pictures you do, amazing as always

  10. Lovely photo.. reminds us it's not winter and snowing 'down under'
    Another Dad joke...If USSS is United States sailing ship and HMSS is Her Majesty's sailing ship what is IMB?

    Give up? Italian for Itsa my boat!! (Sorry)

  11. I just snorted as I finally got the soap joke! That is a phenomenal capture Susan.

    Thanks for linking up