Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 12. Day 12. Rooted

Saturday. Generally on a weekend I enjoy nothing more than wandering around one or other of the markets around town. Some times I buy things but often I don't.
I have a rule - a rule loosely adapted from Miss Piggy's dieting motto of never eat more than you can lift. As I usually walk to the markets my rule is never buy more than you can carry. As the things that attract my attention are normally small and shiny this is rarely a barrier.
Today was different. Today I was more in the market for fresh produce for a barbecue tomorrow and I had the car. But that's wasn't the main difference.
Today I, like just about everyone else out there, really just wanted to get out of the place. It was too damn hot.
Just about every stall keeper welcomed me with a variation of "hot enough for ya?"
The fact that I'm sure I looked like the Wicked Witch of the West about the scream "I'm melting" was probably answer enough.
Yep, by the end of it, I was pretty much like these shallots - rooted.

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