Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8. Day 129. Slow to cotton on

My lack of ability with a needle and thread is quite astounding. Once, when I was sitting on the bed stitching two pieces of cloth together for some project or other, I managed to sew both on to the doona cover. Most of my trousers are just that bit too long because a) I am short b) I can't even hem properly and c) I am either too stingy or too lazy to take them to be professionally altered.
Super glue, staples or the credit card have been my friends when the dreaded note came home from school demanding that the little love went dressed as a favourite book character or historical figure.(Note to teachers, if you think I've given you the evil eye at some point, this would be why).
Double sided tape and Velcro; nature's way of compensating for those who can't sew.
All this despite, the fact that my paternal grandmother was a seamstress. As my teenaged son would say "Epic Fail". Of course this means I am full of admiration for those who have the ability to not only stitch things together following someone else's pattern but to design their own.
Today, armed with my camera, I snuck into the university's fashion studios to watch some of these creative souls doing their magic. Such amazing talent. I wonder if they are any good at taking up trousers?


  1. Im useless at sewing too! I always end up buying costumes rather than making them for the kids x

  2. A cracker picture, love the depth of field

  3. Wow! Such a clear picture showing the hues and clarity.