Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25. Day 146. Ain't no sunshine

Grey and bleak. The Bureau of Meteorology forecast rain for Friday and so it came, a little bit pretend in the morning but with more conviction by mid afternoon. A don't think there was a single shadow cast all day but the clouds did throw a metaphorical shadow over the start of the weekend.
I was trying to muster my sunny side when the camera and I went out for a stroll but it wasn't happening. Perhaps that's why I found myself drawn to this dead sunflower just around the corner from my home. Quite moody, don't you think?
While I can't claim any responsibility for this sunflower it looks like something I would grow, that is dead.
I could say I have a green thumb - but not with a straight face. Even the postage stamp size patch of grass on our property is maintained by someone else. I like to enjoy the view but it is in the best interest of everyone involved that I behave like a kid in a china shop: it's okay to look but whatever you do don't touch.
I did actually pick something that was growing today hopefully without doing any damage. First thing this morning I was at South Bank at the community herb garden right outside the QPAC.
The fresh thyme I harvested is now in the slow cooker working its magic on the stroganoff.
And to think I was struggling to find a bright spot on this rainy day. 


  1. dont think of it as dead, think of it as producing new life

  2. Very dramatic. I bet the birds are having a field day!