Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26. Day 147. Give me a Hi-5

William W Purkey's quote "You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching" is often repeated and something many adults aspire to achieve.
What I love about kids is that it comes so naturally. Somewhere along the way we learn to be self conscious or shy or sensible and we forget how to dance and it takes large amounts of alcohol to again move with the music.
Today the preschool set had their dancing shoes (and an awful lot of tulle) on and were at QPAC to see kids mega group Hi-5 perform.
The dancing didn't stop inside the Concert Hall. The grooving continued outside onto the Cultural forecourt and picnic lawn where there were high fives all round.
Watching them took me back. My "baby" was introduced to performing arts at concerts by The Wiggles and Hi-5. In some ways it seems like only yesterday. In other ways it seems like a different lifetime.
I no longer recognise any of the members of Hi-5 and by year's end there will be only one of the original Wiggles in the coloured skivvies.
That matters to us adults. It matters not at all to the kids. As long as the music continues they will continue to dance like nobody is watching.
Now I'll give a high five to that.


  1. Very oretty dress she is modelling., i like how you have captured her energy here. Another fab photo x

  2. What a gorgeous shot! It is sad that as kids get older they do get so self conscious and awkward and they lose that ability to do what ever they want! I would love a dress like that though!

  3. Best not show Ella (4) this picture....she would LOVE that dress! If it's pink and princess-y she wants it!

    Excellent shot :)

  4. Stunning picture, it makes you feel like your there watching!

  5. That is just precious! Is she a Tomboy embracing her inner fairy, or a fair embracing her inner boy

    Thanks for linking up