Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3. Day 124. It's a zoo out there

What perfect walking weather Brisbane woke up to this morning. There was a real crispness in the air that makes you know you are alive when you step out of the house but glad to be alive by the time you get home.
The suburbs were still snoozing when I headed out this morning and I decided not to take one of my more common routes straight to the river. Instead I walked the suburban streets and there were very few signs of  human life.
But the animals were up. Dogs rushed to the fences, the scrub turkeys were busy digging up gardens and at this house the whole zoo was on parade.
I love the fact that some little hands had carefully lined up a whole collection of plastic zoo animals on the letterbox outside a home.
In the garden bed below there were a number of dinosaurs dotted in the ground cover.
It's nice to see that in a world were fun so often equals a screen, kids can still find enjoyment in playing outside with a bucket full of plastic figures.

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  1. somebody had the patience to line them up. amazing what a photographer notices that a lay person does not