Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11. Day 132. Skiddadle

Happiness is five types of crayons, at least that's what the authoritative source You're a Good Man Charlie Brown the musical would have us believe.
Okay it's not the Oxford dictionary but I agree. A blank piece of paper and coloured things to create with equal one big ball of good, clean fun (actually it is often every messy but that's half the fun too).
There was a whole lot of mess being created in the foyer of the ABC building at South Bank this morning as nine artists took part in a One Word One Day project which gave them just three hours to create an artwork inspired by mystery word. The project aims at raising funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation with all the works being auctioned off  to help buy books for children in remote and isolated communities.
The word was Skiddadle, a quite delicious sounding word meaning to run away hurriedly or to flee. Captured here are the deft fingers of children's author and illustrator Stephen Axelsen at work.
I didn't see how it ended. I had to skiddadle but I love the child-like enthusiasm he showed breaking into his new box of pastels.


  1. Another cracker shot, perfectly framed

  2. Great pic. Never any good at art but it's enjoyable and relaxing x

  3. love this pic with all the colours.