Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 27. Day 148. Bush baby

Kermit, you were wrong. I won't say it's actually easy being green but it is a lot easier and far more acceptable than it used to be.
Today green groups in the Highgate Hill area near my home led a tour through a local bush regeneration project. I'd considered it and rejected it on the grounds of laziness.
But even a lazy girl can now do her environmental bit -I took the recycling out, a simple act but one which was in itself unthinkable when I was growing up.
I was still in the PJs when I was spied by neighbour Rob who was on his way to the tour and convinced me to tag along. He even gave me time to change.
I'm glad I did (that goes both for taking the tour and getting dressed first).
What I found was confirmation of both what a strong local community we have and how active the interest is in both preserving and enhancing the local vegetation. It's about every body doing his or her little bit.
I was particularly impressed by the young people traipsing through the bush on a Sunday morning learning everything from the plants that encourage butterflies to how to bring native bees into your garden. I love this photo taken along the walk of the littlest member of the group attracting a bit of well deserved attention. Just too cute and far more photogenic than my other "green" photo option today. Next up I get to help apply the environmentalist's 3Rs - reduce, reuse and recycle - to the latest school project. Today's task is making a polar bear head for drama. That's enough to make me really want to go bush.

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  1. Looking after our environment is so important for future generations. Ignorance was one thing but now we all know it is time to act however we can. Glad you got out to do your bit. Love your little bush baby there too. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids