Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14. Day 135. Ruffling my feathers

The Ibis.
Around Ancient Egypt the ibis was considered god like, associated with wisdom, writing and magic.In Egyptian marketplaces they are sold for good luck. Down the road from my place, at the market that is South Bank the Ibis represents anything but good luck especially around the eateries. The Ibis are like giant flying rats that will swoop and steal your hot chips as quick as look at you.
But you have to admit they are exceptionally interesting to look at.
Today my world clashed with both the ancient and the modern ibis.
I started the day at the Queensland Museum at the fascinating Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb visiting exhibition.
I love my Mummies and have sought out exhibitions of Ancient Egypt in London and New York so I wasn't going to miss the touring exhibition here in Brisbane. I have a tip. The exhibition is very popular and at times crowded. If you go on a weekday when the doors open at 9.30 the school groups have yet to arrive so it is very quiet. Yay.
But you can't take photos. Boo. So today's photo is of the more modern ibis at the neighbouring South Bank where I stopped off after the museum.
When the birds weren't helping themselves to whatever they could get at the tables, it is easy to see why the Ancient Egyptians were so taken with the ibis. I love the shape of this one but one of its mates did try to ruffle my feathers by having a go at my lunch. That doesn't strike me as the type of helper you'd want to take with you on the journey to the afterlife.


  1. Beautiful picture of the sacred, very scarce Rubbish bin bird.... Ooh the Mummies I wish.

  2. another brilliant bird pic - I shall have to practise bird photos now!

  3. Another fab bird pic - I shall have to practise bird photos now!

    1. I do appear to have gone all bird brained don't I? I have also been eying of the scrub turkeys for a future shot. Didn't actually realise I was so attracted to birds