Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30. Day 151. All the colours of the rainbow

There are times when my son comes home and announces "that's what the kids at school say" when I feel despair. Fortunately that's not often but I am at times dismayed at some of the racist notions that still survive out there.
I have no time for racism, at all, ever.
Which is not to say I agree with everything that is ever done in the name of reconciliation.
Frankly, I find the acknowledgement of the original owners of the land at many official functions to be unhelpful. When it is done well it is a beautiful and significant thing but often it feels like the organisers are just ticking the boxes which I don't think furthers anyone's cause - just the opposite in fact.
This week is reconciliation week and a series of events were held at work to mark the occasion. I was particularly taken by the Sea of Hands planted at the Gardens Point campus - a very visual display of those who were prepared to put their hands up against racism.
It was striking and a timely reminder to think about reconciliation 20 years on from the Mabo decision.
Organisers told me that many school groups came through and contributed. Excellent. A bit more of that can only lead to a little less of "what the kids say at school". I'll put my hand up in support of that one.

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