Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31. Day 152. Careful, I might rip your head off

Most of today I felt like ripping someone's head off. I am of course figuratively speaking and not in a female-preying-mantis-that-has-just-had-sex kind of way.
Probably the head I most wanted to rip off was my own - full of snot and bad thoughts. It was not pretty.
Truth is that in the context of some of the dreadful things you read in the newspaper, today wasn't that bad. But after a sleepless night and with a child home sick and behaving like a bear with a sore head, husband away for work and an end of semester out of control workload happening, I rather felt like I was running around like a headless chook.
Plus all those things and rain meant I didn't manage a stress release walk in this morning. Not a good combination.
Later in the afternoon, driven by hunger and cabin fever, I stepped out. I knew exactly where to head to get a photo that summed up how I felt today. Yep, off to West End and the Lychee Lounge with its barbie-doll-head chandeliers.
I am pretty sure whoever designed this has a greater need for counselling than I do. I was not the type of child prone to ripping the head off dolls but today I found myself thinking it might be rather therapeutic.
At least I resisted the temptation to get off my head and had a rather delicious rhubarb highball mocktail instead.