Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2. Day 123. Let there be light

It's hard to believe that when the Great Arbour was first installed at South Bank in 1999 it was criticised as being cold, sterile, stark and industrial.
Now the snake-like structure that weaves its way through the parklands is a thing of great beauty and a credit to the designers from Denton Corker Marshall.
The bougainvillea climbing 448 steel tendrils softens and shades what we thought was cold metal and its purple blooms provide a dramatic splash of colour.
South Bank is Brisbane city's playground and every every playground deserves a decent climbing frame, does it not?
Although it a thing of great beauty in its own right, the arbour was looking especially beautiful this morning all decked out with bright orange lanterns in readiness for Buddha's birthday party on the weekend.
Icing on the birthday cake really.


  1. wow along with the blossoms it is very pretty

  2. Wow that is so pretty - I love the bright red of the lanterns. Great shot!

  3. Looking forward to Sunday in the park celebrating Buddha's birthday in the stunning Brisbane weather. Top shot