Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20. Day 141. Get me to the Greek

Hasn't Brisbane grown up? As a child, I'd never heard of souvlakia and haloumi and there was little or no chance that I would have touched a baby octopus. Not on your Nellie. Spaghetti with grated Kraft cheese, that was about as ethnic as it got.
And I won't even start on the names we used to call the quite significant Greek and Italian population in the city. If I heard those words come out of my son's mouth it would be straight to bed without any tzatziki, let me tell you.
But now Brisbane is very much a multicultural city and nowhere is it reflected more than in what we eat.
This weekend the city was celebrating everything Greek at the annual Paniyiri Greek Festival at Musgrave Park, just a stone's throw from my home.
We strolled down to check it out and strolled home hotter, happier and heavier. Of the hundreds of pictures I took I liked this one the best. The traditional Greek honey puffs alongside an open can of XXXX, yep that's multicultural Brisbane for you. I also loved the gallery of "faces of the festival", people out enjoying the atmosphere on a perfect autumn day.
Bending over backwards

Hellenic dancers

Sometimes no matter what's going on around you nothing beats a stick

Getting a pick me up

Tucking into the honey puffs

Yaya, the Greek entertainer


  1. What no Mythos? oh well only 52 weeks until Paniyiri 2013 I for one can hardly wait May in BNE is seriously the best.
    Love the pics

  2. Great shots Susan, really capturing the mood of this sort of festival. I see the honey puffs won, or at least, that's all you're showing us I guess. :~P)

  3. Sounds like fun & the food sounds great.

  4. I am married to a Greek and we all adore the food.I could eat that one right out of the screen! Sounds like a lovely day down in Brisbane. the little girl with the stick is a lovely photo. Thanks for linking your outdoor adventures to Country Kids

  5. Great photos. I agree, children are so much more cosmopolitan and open minded nowadays, all good I believe. Just found your lovely blog, off to have a good read at it!