Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6. Day 127. Monkey business

I admit, it is not all that long ago that I would have thought teaching children meditation and relaxation was new age mumbo jumbo.
Perhaps it is increased age. Perhaps it is increased wisdom but I have now come to think that teaching our kids to chill in a high pressure, high competition world is probably among the best life skills we can pass on.
So it was a delight to watch groups of children front and centre in today's Buddha's Birthday celebrations at South Bank. They showed off their meditation and relaxation and quietly chanted.
I admit to not knowing all that much about Buddhism but the doctrine of peace and forgiveness seems compelling (the bits about reincarnation and vegetarianism I feel less attracted to.
I also love the fact that as a western society we are now so much more open to the beliefs, philosophies and cultures of other nations.
Perhaps this is why there were so many people just milling around watching this Sri Lankan children's dance troupe perform a monkey dance. Or perhaps it was just because they were so incredibly cute.


  1. SOunds like a really nice day and I would like to etch something like that too.

  2. That sounds amazing, and you are so right about allowing children time to chill...I know I don't do that enough. xx

  3. Teaching meditation and relaxation techniques to children is such a good idea. I've tried with son but he just doesn't seem to be able to sit still for more than three seconds! Great photo too x