Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1. Day 122. Puppy love

I knew the dogs in our street before I knew the people.
Scout, for example, is a small dog with a very big attitude. She has to bark before she will come and say hello and when she does it will be a full-on jump on you type hello. Chloe, however, is a bit of a princess. The adorable tan ball of fluff, adorned with a pink diamante collar, proudly walks the street checking you out while pretending not to while her human Maria stops for a chat.
In case you haven't guessed I'm a dog person. In fact, I consider myself to be a dog owner who just happens not to have a dog at the moment.
It's been a while since Oscar went to the great dog kennel in the sky.
The head says DO NOT GET ANOTHER DOG. You are not home enough. You now live in a house with cream carpet. You know that you sneeze and wheeze less in a pet free house.
But the heart says but I would love a furry friend. I would love a companion on my daily walk even if we had to stop and sniff things and wee on posts (Note, I wouldn't sniff things or wee, nor would you need a pooper scooper for me). That unconditional devotion of a dog is precious.
For now I am listening to the head but every time a pooch such as this one I saw this morning jumps up on the fence and says hello the resolve weakens just a little.
It's puppy love,


  1. Ah, I'm going through similar thoughts just now...would love another pup but not with my hours...but then...aaahhh...

  2. We need to get a dog