Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29. Day 150. Zip it

Black tie events are few and far between thus I have just one "formal" frock. That works well. The length of time between drinks and the likelihood that the crowd will be different generally means one black tie outfit will see a girl through. Except...Opera Australia is in town this week and I have invites to two black tie events six days apart, both likely to attract the same crowd. Clothing crisis.
The plan B is a timeless black gown in the back of the wardrobe, about 13 years old but still perfect for the purpose except for the busted zip. The zip has always been a bit iffy but last time I tied the dress on the zip simply refused to budge. It was either rip the zip to get the dress off or wear a floor length gown half done up for the rest of my life. I ripped the zip.
With the Night at the Opera quickly approaching I decided the zip problem needed to be addressed so I headed to West End.
The first attempt failed as the tailor has now closed. A flier at the venue suggested a seamstress around the corner but there was no-one home. So I moved on to a dry cleaner and clothing alteration business. The woman who does the alterations was on jury duty so not at work. An assistant at the business said the repair could probably still be done in time if a zip in the right size was freely available.
So we measured the zip and I went to a shop next door which sold zips. There was just one black zip in the right size. It was broken. The shop assistant there helpfully suggested I might want another colour. Sure, that hot red zip would be perfect on a formal black frock. Not. As anything that come out of my mouth at that point would not be pretty I made a rare move and decided to zip it.
Out in the street at West End and working on my next move I spied a piece of street art titled Flindersia Westendus on a retaining wall.
There were three bits to it but my eye was drawn to the central aspect - it seemed to be talking to me: a piece of overripe fruit, probably gone to seed, desperately trying to get a zip to hold it together.
Whether a new zip is up to that task remains to be seen. I found someone able to take on the job in the city and will pick up the dress tomorrow.
As Dr Evil is Austin Powers said: "When a problem comes along, you must zip it." Hopefully that works.


  1. Oh dear me, a red zip in a black frock? Eeeew!! What was she thinking? If you can't get someone to put a black zip in by the weekend, I'll eat my black fascinator;)) xxx

  2. wow where have I been I for I have missed some of these great shots over the last several days & today's blog is as usual very entertaining...