Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15. Day 136. Here comes the sun

I used to be a sun worshipper; the type of sun worshipper who would use coconut oil or even cooking oil to baste myself.
We all did. Brown was beautiful. But I am one of the lucky ones who grew up in Queensland and who has escaped relatively unscathed (touch wood, fingers crossed etc obviously).
Living in the skin cancer capital of the world is very different now. We know the risks. We respect the sun.
We still love it but  it's a bit more tough love.
As a sun worshipper (even a reformed one) I don't do winter. All all. I'd like to go into a cave to hibernate and come out in the spring, ideally after the football season has finished. That's another story.
Thus this morning really sucked. Eight degrees. In Brisbane. In May.What's that about?
But a big gold star to Susan. I climbed out from under the covers and braved the cold even before the sun was up.
Bracing is just another word for cold, I've discovered.
I also discovered that sun worshipping is not totally dead, even in Queensland. This photo was taken near the river at West End just before 7am.
A perfect way to bring a little warmth into a cold morning.


  1. Makes you appreciate the stillness of the morning...of which we should take more advantage!...

  2. Love it. I did something similar, but it was 2 hours later and I was wearing more clothes.