Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21. Day 142.Stickybeaks

I'll tell you what, someone had their grump on this morning.
Here I am not talking about me although I have to say if there is a right side of the bed to get out of on a Monday morning I didn't find it.
This may be related to five hours sleep.This may be related to the bundle of assignments I was marking resulting in the sleep deprivation or it could just be a Monday-after-a-rather-nice-weekend feeling. Regardless it is probably just as well there was no-one awake in my house to talk to me first up this morning.
But my bout of Monday-itis had nothing on one of the Ibises at South Bank this morning.
One bird had something of  beef with one of its mates on the beach and it wasn't letting up. It followed, it poked, it chased, it stalked. For about five minutes the attacked bird tried to walk away, to turn the other wing and then it snapped and it was on. Cockfight on the beach.
Of course I'm not an expert in bird behaviour and this could have been a mating ritual but if it was I have to say there didn't seem to be any indication that it was likely to get any of that action any time soon.
Anyway, watching their bird-brained antics cheered me up. I consider myself to be a stickybeak but when it comes to sticking your beak in I have nothing on these guys.