Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13. Day 134. A classic Mother's Day

Mother's Day. That one day of the year when your kids get to spoil you (*note by spoil I mean giving you cold toast in bed with tea most of which is in the saucer).
Mother's Day. The day you reflect on just how much your mother did for you often without you even realising it and certainly without being in the slightest bit grateful.
Mother's Day. The day when many sadly remember the mums no longer with us.
Today tens of thousands of people decided to skip the Mother's Day breakfast in bed to take part in the annual Mother's Day Classic at South Bank raising money for breast cancer research. The sea of pink was a very touching public outpouring of emotion about the disease that claims the lives of too many mothers too soon.
Especially touching where the signs on people's back as they set off for a four or eight kilometre walk showing that they were taking part in memory of or in support of a dear one affected by the disease.
Fortunately I got to spend the morning with both my mother and my son. My brother-in-law cooked up a classic breakfast fry up for the extended family.
As the card I gave my Mum said: "Children are like glasses of wine...Mums love them but they do tend to cause a few headaches".
Yep, they can drive you to drink but you wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Some great shots on a special day. Hope you had a nice one too...