Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 9. Day 69. Science in the City

Here's a fun fact I bet you didn't know about me which I hide exceptionally well. I actually started my academic career exercising the left side brain. At school I studied physics, chemistry, biology and maths and the first undergraduate degree I enrolled in was physiotherapy. Madness

 These days I use a calculator if I buy two items in the shop. The creative right brain is the bit with the neurones firing most powerfully, most of the time. Still, there's a little bit of nerd buried somewhere under that creative exterior and that bit is rather proud and excited at the fact that Brisbane is now the first city outside New York to host the World Science Festival. Even more exciting is that QUT Journalism has teamed up with ABC Online to cover the event. This means that this week a team of nine students will be working out of the ABC's Southbank headquarters to report on the event largely based at the nearby Queensland Museum. How cool is that. Today was day one and students were talking spiders, dinosaurs, string theory (whatever that might be), water waves and gravitational waves.
And student Toby Crockford used the Brisbane sign as a backdrop for his TV piece heralding the launch of the festival. How good is that? Here's another fun fact about me I hide not at all well. I'd be useless at a piece to camera because walking and taking is a problem. Walking and jumping is out of the question.

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