Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 10. Day 70. To infinity and beyond

Forget the first smile. Forget the first steps. Forget toilet training. The real milestone is when your child can swing himself or herself on a swing. Standing there for hours pushing is not only exceptionally exhausting but extremely tiresome. Still, I get it. Swinging on a swing is incredibly liberating. But once you graduate from childhood it's not cool to push the kids out of the way and plant your bottom on the swing. Well here's a way of doing it, all in the name of science. As part of the World Science Festival here in Brisbane the Infinity Swing has been set up under the Wheel. This being people power to the fore. The forces created by the swing are capable of generating enough power for light and sound. Put on headphones and you will hear music if you generate enough the forces needed. More power and let there be light. If you a a real swinger, the giant letters on the top of the swing set will be illuminated.There were kids in the queue to have a go when the CSIRO exhibit opened this afternoon but I couldn't help notice the big kids were anxious to check it out. It's just reward for all that swing pushing of the kids.

QUT Journalism student Hannah Kotaidis recording her piece to camera as part of the festival coverage

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