Saturday, March 26, 2016

March 26. Day 86. No trifling matter

My lovely nieces Jess, Amelia and Lucy eye off the trifle
 Sometimes the world speaks to you and today it said "trifle" (it also said chocolate but it does that most days so that doesn't count).
Some years back I bought a trifle bowl on special and I loved it - to death. At Christmas, it collapsed under the weight of custard and cream. Today I found myself back in the same kitchen store and the same model trifle bowl was there once again on special.
Well, you can't ignore that can you especially when you have 12 people coming for Easter dinner and absolutely no idea what to present for dessert?
So now I am once again the owner of a trifle bowl the only decision was what type of trifle. Being Easter really that was no question at all. It had to be chocolate.
Bring in the chocolate sponge roll and thick chocolate custard with chocolate Easter eggs for decoration. Add strawberry jelly and whipped cream and there you have a dessert that had eye popping results.
It also tasted pretty bloody good but I will admit that when scooped out of the delightful trifle bowl and into the dessert bowl it looked like something that should be in a doggy doo bag.
Not that anyone seemed to care. Once it's in your mouth the presentation isn't such an issue and chocolate is chocolate and chocolate is good.

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