Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 5. Day 65. For crying out loud

There are a few things I believe firmly in even though the evidence presented to me often questions the soundness of my assumptions. I believe that what goes around comes around that is, if you behave decently and treat people decently for the most part it will be repaid in kind. The reverse is also true. Behave like a dick and treat people like a dick and that too will come back and bite you. Look at Clive Palmer and you see what I mean. But there's another more fundamental truth. Kids learn by watching their parents - what their parents do counts more than what they say. They notice stuff when we want them to and when we don't. So one kid learned a lesson I hope doesn't make her parents proud today. The little one watched comedy stuntman Adam Ariel perform. She heard him say he makes a living only by what people put in the hat. She heard him say that while donations were obviously important he understood that some people would not be in a position to contribute. He said that he didn't want anyone to sneak away. Coming up and shaking his hand and say thanks was valuable in itself. And pretty much that's what people did. But from my vantage point I did see a dad at the back watch the show, wait until the end and then grab his little one by the hand and sneak her off the back as the crowd dispersed. Seriously mate you suck. It's bad form and bad modelling. There were kids there who were prepared to offer up their own bubble gum to show appreciation. No-one tied YOU up in a straight jacket and chained you up. But having watched another bloke go through that would a gold coin or a hand shake have killed you? I think not

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