Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7. Day 67. To friends, old and new

There's this saying, a saying which I admit sounds like it belongs on a trite greeting card, but which I none-the-less hold to be an absolute truth: Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them but you know they are always there. I'll go further, the great thing about good friends is that they provide light on even the darkest night. Today I was privileged to spend time with special women I consider my friends. At lunch, I farewelled my buddy Donna who is about to leave our shores to live, teach and research in Japan. Donna is one of those people who moved from Virtual reality to reality and we have shared a love of social media, politics, the ABC, photography, blogging and whinging about the state of universities - not necessarily in that order. It seemed fitting, therefore that on our last meeting for a bit we took out the cameras and went for a stroll. Also fitting we each took a pic of each other taking a pic.  Often there has been a coincidental meeting of minds in our pic subjects. Today it just had to be. Then in the afternoon, the furballs and I ventured to Nudgee Beach for a romp with a dear friend Megan and her much larger fur  bundle Rowland. As we tossed the balls to the dogs we tossed around thoughts from the present predicament of the Queensland Reds to the struggles of high school in that random way friends do. And the dogs sniffed each other's bums as dog friends do.... Ladies, a hug will do


  1. I'd like to be considered in your circle of friends. Me I love photography, these days the digi SLR sits in a cupboard and the iPhone perfects my creations. Not a great time manager I do however manage to make it through each day having achieved at least one thing to be proud of.

    1. You can totally count yourself in. Active use of a Digital SLR not a requirement!