Friday, March 11, 2016

March 11. Day 71. Star gazing

It is a wonderful thing when you go all fan girl and get up close and personal with someone you have long admired and find they actually deserve your admiration and more.
So it was today when I attended a  media call with Alan Alda or as I will always know him M*A*S*H character Hawkeye Pierce.
Alda is in Brisbane as part of the World Science Festival and he sees his job as communicating science to the masses in a way that makes it more easy to relate to.
Humanising the great scientific brains is part of that. This is why he created Dear Albert the theatrical work based on the letters of Albert Einstein.
He said it was eternally interesting that a man who was able to unlock some of the great scientific mysteries was simultaneously able to make such a mess of his personal life
"You can be smart and make dumb emotional choices," he explained.
"As hard as it is to work out curved space, it's even harder to work out curved humanity."
And as he spoke, the fan girl couldn't help but think that sounded like an apt description of Hawkeye.




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