Saturday, March 19, 2016

March 18. Day 78. Wilting

It's the same every cycle. At this time fatigue sets in, accompanied by a moodiness and a tendancy to want to weep. It's to be expected. The academic semester is now one quarter done and dusted and I'm starting to wilt slightly. Looming assessment deadlines mean growing student stress and that feeds back in a cycle of agro. Everyone is feeling tired and emotional and when that happens no-one does their best work. Which makes you wonder about the Australian senate. Some time yesterday they started debating a piece of legislation. The debate continued for 20 hours straight ending at 1.30pm. Just was well I'm not a senator because at that stage I wouldn't know if the vote was about banning bubble gum or legislating to give free bubble guns to every child (it probably isn't either of those things which is a shame because both are a matter of great national importance). Anyway when Senators start to appear in their PJs in the chamber and I resort to taking pics of grasses as South Bank we know that everyone needs a little lie down

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