Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March 23. Day 83. Something is needling me

Some people will do almost anything for a free lollipop and by some people I mean me. 
Okay, that's not true. 
I don't even like sugar and food colouring on a stick that much. However, I hate being sick and flu really, really sucks. 
So every year I line up for the employer-provided free flu shot. 
I understand it isn't a cast iron flu-free get out of jail-free card but I figure it is better than nothing. 
Apparently I am not alone. The nurse who administered my jab told me he's been needling about 80 people a day. 
He also confirmed I am the first one of those who has photographed the experience (fortunately for all involved I was too close to get an in focus photo).
As these things go, almost the second I left the medical centre I started coughing. 
This afternoon I started sneezing. 
No, it's not the flu. 
No, it's not vaccination related but yes it's annoying. 
I think I'll have a lollipop as a sweetener.

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