Sunday, March 27, 2016

March 27. Day 87. Egg-cellent

I have standards. These involve such important things as no Hot Cross Buns on any day other than Good Friday (although left overs may be consumed om subesquent days while still fresh enough to do so). In addition Easter Eggs may not be eaten before Easter Sunday. Again, in the unlikely event of left overs, these may be consumed after the event. Such is the importance of this rule, I did not even eat the eggs off the top of yesterday's trifle although that may have been as much to with the fact that the kids got in first as any matter of principle. Anyway, powered by chocolate, I took off in the early afternoon to South Bank where the crowds has gathered to enjoy Easter Sunday determined not to let overcast skies and a few spinkles of rain stop an otherwise egg-cellent day.


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