Saturday, March 19, 2016

March 19. Day 79. Voting hits a snag

 A young woman was interviewed as part of a radio story the other day. She was voting for the first time and said she was not at all interested in the process or politics and would probably just vote the same way her parents did.  hear that all the time - but not in my house. My son has been itching to vote since he knew voting was a "thing" and today he was able to fill in a ballot paper for the first time. We were at the polling station before 8 (not because of desperate aniticpation but because today he also had to indulge another great passion perfomance and theatre call time was 8am). He took all of the How to Vote Cards because he could not because there would be any last minute decision formed on the day. Then with the important business of polling day sausage sizzle out of the way, he joined the voting queue and was one of the first to vote at the Saint Ita's booth. And then with his democratic duty complete it was off to the theatre. I wouldn't be at all surprised if one day that young man's name is on a voting paper, such is his interest in politics. If that happens, I will be at the polling booth before 8am not for the sausage but handing out how to vote cards on his behalf.


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