Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2. Day 62. Biting my tongue

Some times  have to bite my tongue. These times include staff meetings, at the check out when I'm asked "how's my day been" and when I administer current affairs tests to journalism students. With the last one I often want to walk back into the room and stick my tongue out at all of them. It's particularly immature and not at all dignified but it might make a point. It might also be more therapeutic than telling the person at the checkout exactly how my day has been. The whole current affairs test thing does my head in. I can only assume there is a great big rock under which a great number of them live with a cone of silence that screens out news. It would seem a strange lifestyle choice for a would-be journalist but I see so much of it my head spins. There is however one thing that gives me hope. When I take to social media to whinge about the current affairs tests, there is almost always a reaction from former students now making their way very successfully in the media jungle who remember the tests with no fondness at all, many fessing up that they were useless too. In time this group too will soar.

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