Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 16. Day 76. The birds and the bees

Humans are rather pathetic when it comes down to it. Most species can walk, feed themselves and take care of themselves when barely "hatched". Humans take years. For males of the species it's more like decades - if they get it at all. Even knowing this, even knowing that six months is when vet science recommends bitches be desexed, I was completely unprepared for our little ball of fluff Miss Winkle to go on heat. And yet the signs were quite clear and just to be sure we consulted our vet. Our baby is now big enough to have babies. Given her size and puppiness I wouldn't even have sat her down and had "the talk" if she was a two-legged family member. She would have been the young lady who thinks she's bleeding to death because dodgy parent doesn't pass on the fact of life. To be fair, she was booked in to be "fixed" - just not until next week. So now she's under house arrest. I was able to go and see the birds and bees at Roma Street parkands today but without the furry photographic assistants. Of course Rumple could have come but being the sensitive new aged male he is he's staying home to support the little woman, or something. Fact is, the two of them are practically inseparable and it would be wrong to mess with that now.


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