Friday, January 8, 2016

January 8. Day 8. Happy Birthday

It's a dog's life - especially if you are a dog born into a Hetherington household. Dogs are special family members. My sweet little boy Rumple turned three today which under the dog formula makes today his 21st birthday. Therefore a party was strictly essential. The invite list (and the food) included both humans and canines and there were presents, candles and bubbles. It was a party to befit a special dog. I can not overstate how much I love that dog and what a positive impact he has had on my life. He is such a sweet-natured little fur friend, loyal, loving and devoted. Still I totally understand that most, some people think that a birthday party for dogs is odd. For instance: I am going through the checkout with cake, candles and bubbles. The checkout operator, doing the checkout operator small talk thing, says "so you are having a party?". "Yep," I say, "for my dog." Silence. More silence. "That's niiice," she said very slowly as if she obviously hadn't heard right. "Yes, the dog food cake will be arriving shortly," I replied. I get the feeling she wished she'd asked how my day had been. Okay, the shortage of suppliers of dog cakes suggests this isn't everyone's cup of tea. Indeed I know it's crazy but Rumple I'm crazy about you so I'm okay with that.

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