Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19. Day 19. Feeling toe-y

It's the little things - in this case the very little things.
I hate chipped nail polish. Wear nail polish. Don't wear nail polish. Either of those are perfectly acceptable options according to Susan's Style School (a school most unlikely to ever get any enrolments mainly due to Susan's complete lack of style).
However, I am very judgy about some matters and one of those is chipped nail polish. It looks dreadful. And yet for some weeks my toes have shown signs of a distinct lack of polish.
Today, I rectified that.
It is so hideously first world to have some poor person scrape the dead skin off the bottom of heels and prise the dirt out from under your toe nails but the number of nail salons popping up EVERYWHERE suggests that many people are willing to provide the service and many women such as myself are prepared to open up their wallets and pay.
I must say I am most impressed with the result. Indeed I am feeling far less toey.

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