Friday, January 22, 2016

January 22.Day 22. Stretch your wings

Once a week for 15 years I have journeyed into the ABC studios in Brisbane. I've moved houses. The studio has moved premises. The presenter changed for a year. I've reported in while in England and France and the US but all along the primary focus has been on children and families. Until today. Today was a subtle shift from theatre being a side issue to the main game of what I will talk about.  This excites me because the performing arts is a passion but is a little bit terrifying because spreading your wings and taking on something new always is. I've been caught in a comfortable little web and now I get to escape. I did ask myself "why would anyone care what I think about a production?" but then I realised that was the wrong question. The real question is "why wouldn't they?". My opinion is just that. My opinion. It is the word of a person with a passion who has forked out many thousands of dollars in tickets over the years. Tell it from the heart and you will fly.

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