Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11. Day 11. Little Miss Mischief

We've all met them. Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths types.
Worse is the type who are sweet as pie until they think you aren't looking and then they create havoc. That describes little miss mischief, the puppy Winkle.
She is impossibly cute and sweet while she is lying around planning her next attack.
First thing in the morning she likes to launch an attack on your face while you are sleeping but most of the day the subject of her attacks is Rumple. She rarely leaves him alone.
He's fetching the ball. She's biting his ear.
He's having a stretch. She's stretching herself over him.
He's having a nap. She's doing her level best to wake him up.
For the most part he takes it with good grace and humour.
Every now and again he gives a warning growl which for the most she ignores.
Then he will walk away.
She might give him five minutes grace before launching a renewed attack - and then they tend to curl up together and have a nap.

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