Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 17. Day 17. All washed up

Don't you just hate those individuals who have a freakish ability to look flawless at any time of day, in any conditions? Bloody annoying.
I secretly suspected that Winkle was such a creature.
That ball of fluff is as pretty as a picture and it was hard to imagine anything could impact on that.
But if you want to see that cuteness evaporate, just add water.
To tell you the truth I should have known.
Take Rumple to the beach and he starts looking like Hairy Maclary.
Winkle, however, is something else all together.
This afternoon Drama Teen and I decided the best way to end the weekend was to take the dogs for a walk somewhere scenic.
As Winkle has never been for a dip, we decided on Nudgee Beach.
She took to it like a dog to water.
While the combination of mangroves and mudflats is not exactly pristine beach front in Queensland terms, it is just about perfect for a walk with dogs.
The two fur friends enjoyed a long game of mud wresting and at the end of process Winkle looked like a cross between a drowned rat and a dump dog.
Fortunately it is easily fixed.
A hot bath for both dogs with both shampoo and conditioner returned them to their salon perfection. I wish a little bit of water and a squirt of product was all I needed for that look fo simple perfection. As I said, to some it comes annoyingly natutally.

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