Saturday, January 2, 2016

January 2. Day 2. Dogg-ed determination

 In some ways Rumple and Winkle are like two peas in a pod. Both are absolute faithful to what the breed description says a Cava-Tzu should be: "very loving lap dogs that are great with kids but leery around other dogs. Very smart and learn new tricks quickly. They love to be around people. These dogs have the protective bark of a Shih-Tzu combined with the waggy tail of the Cavalier". Tick. Tick. Tick.
But then they are the odd couple.
Winkle is definitely the bossy one. Rumple is more lover.
Winkle more fighter. She's hard core that one.
First trip to the dog park today and strutted in bold as brass. Met a few dogs, had a chase or two. Went up and introduced herself to a few strangers.
Rumple did no such thing when he first hit the dog park. He was between my legs and then demanded to be picked up.
In many ways they are like siblings: so alike in many ways but so different in others.
It is a weird thing because my siblings have both nature and nurture in common and yet we so very different in many ways.
But despite all this there is a love and a bond that comes from being family.


  1. Gorgeous photos Susan, lots of fun had by all by the look of it.
    Little cuties!
    Happy New Year to you and your fur babies ;D

    1. She is a little cutie. Happy New Year to you too