Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 20. Day 20. Snap!

I have, over the past 1480 days I have posted literally thousands of photos and the number of me could be counted on your digits (you may need to take your socks off, but probably not). I hate photos of myself (also as I am the one with the camera opportunities do limit themselves). It takes a lot. There was the time I jumped off a bridge for charity. There were the two times at the Logies and the smashing my face on the pool tiles. We are talking extreme. Which makes my decision to volunteer for Heath Carney's social media portrait project somewhat curious. Heath is a Brisbane photographer who has decided to take the portraits of "friends" in the social media sense. Many of Heath's friends are my friends and so I have seen his work come up in my feed quite a bit and it is awesome. Also I am increasingly finding that people I have met through social media go on to be friends in real life. You just have to make the effort to meet them. So I journeyed to Chelmer and gave Heath one instruction - only one chin. Yes, I started with the almost impossible. I will see the final results in a couple of days but the ones he showed me through the back of the camera looked awesome, if I do say so myself. I could only see one chin. Score.

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