Thursday, January 28, 2016

January 28. Day 28. Hive of activity

Summer is over. Traditionally Australia Day, which was Tuesday, or back to school day which was yesterday are seen as the end of the long Australian summer. In university land where I live there is another key date that signals the flick of the on switch. It's called tutorials-are-open-for-allocation day and that was today. Suddenly the email inbox is a hive of activity as students clamour for places in the prize tute. No student wants to wait around. Every student wants a tute straight after the lecture. Like wasps they swarm in a fight for the death to get to the queen - or something like that. I am the one that has to deliver the sting. Sixteen places. That's it. Sorry. Full. I don't enjoy those emails but it gave me something to do other than worry about the wasp nest I discovered under the deck ...

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