Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 21. Day 21. Get down and give me 10

I used to have a personal trainer but then I decided that if being shouted at, ordered around and feeling like sh*t was the aim I could stay at home. (Okay, I exaggerate - about home not the PT). The truth is while I used to greatly enjoy group fitness because I could hide up the back right next to a fan, I really didn't enjoy being ordered about by a trainer.
I accept the results are better when you are pushed and someone is checking the technique is correct but it was too hard core for me. I'm a sook at heart. I'm not afraid of hard work but in my day job not in my "leisure" time.
Still if you want to spend your hard earned on being ordered about so be it. Personally I'd rather fork out on a theatre ticket and sit back and let someone else do the hard work. Horses for courses. So on my way to the theatre to see Carrie the Musical I stopped off briefly at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. There I saw Jess being ordered about by a man with a medicine ball. I know Jess because I'm normally the one bossing her around. As a journalism student, Jess has found her way into my tutorial room. In that domain, I get to call the shots. See, control freak.
The control freak also got to get Drama Teen to follow my direction and pose as a Prom King in the photo booth at Carrie at the Power House. So it's not the bossing around I have a problem with - as long as I'm the one doing it and there's no medicine ball involved!

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