Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 10. Day 10. Pants free action

Remember when your mother told you to make sure you wore good undies in case you were in an accident? The assumption, of course, was that underwear was just that - an under garment to be revealed only in "emergencies". Of course that was in the good old days. Now days there is barely a waking moment that someone, somewhere isn't posting intimate life details on social media so it should come as no surprise that a train load full of people would think it was an awesome Sunday activity to get their pants off and go for a ride.
Welcome to the phenomenon that is No Pants Subway Ride. Gather at a train station, board an allocated train, wait for the doors to shut and strip to your smalls, watching the stunned reaction of those quietly going about their normal commute.
Which brings me to another thing mothers say: "it's rude to stare".
This makes me feel so sorry for the poor woman doing the crossword on the 2.58pm train from Central to South Bank. She was sitting there minding her own business when the pants-free action began.
She did her level best to continue trying to work out 3 Across while all around her were stripping.
It was a huge amount of fun even for an observer who chose to keep her pants on. I am old-fashioned like that. My son, however .... at least they were good, clean undies

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