Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25. Day 25. Party animal

I think it might have been the eighth birthday party. It was an elaborate themed affair, with everything from the cake, costumes and games meticulously planned and executed. I also recall that it was on or about Australia Day because in early January when my son was born all of Brisbane is on holidays. We learned to wait until school went back to try and stage a party. That tradition continues. While I don't know which of the elaborate theme parties it was, I do remember a comment from one of the mums: "If this is what the parties are like now, I can't wait for the 18th birthday". I had a party planning reputation to live up to. I am fully aware that most of the time a packet of chips and some sweet and coloured drinks will keep people happy at parties (it is only the contents of the glass that really change that much with age). But I like going to "events" so I like throwing events even if it nearly kills me and melts the credit card. It makes me happy and I know the birthday boy loves that I love to spoil him. So this year the theme was karaoke and cocktails. There were lights, a smoke machine, juke box with karaoke, a frozen cocktail machine, bar tables, gourmet finger food, water bottles with

lights and a white chocolate and berry cheese cake. It was not everyone's idea of what an 18th birthday party should look like (and it was the type of event that is likely to make your neighbours hate you) but for a young man with a love of music and performance and friends with the same DNA it worked a treat.

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