Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 6. Day 6. You are a real goose

Twice today I had a run-in with a goose. The second occasion was at the University of Queensland lakes this afternoon. I was taking a photograph of a water dragon when a goose charged and started chasing me. Yet another opportunity to be on Australia's Funniest Home Videos missed by a failure to film. But the real goose was this morning at the Brisbane International Tennis Centre. That one should be on A Current Affair.  I had a bit of a run-in with a traffic control officer. I will call him a goose because I have a policy of not resorting to rude terms when engaged in a dispute with pumped up officials because I think that once you resort to swear words you have lost your cool and the battle. Here's a summary of what happened copied from my Facebook complaint to the organisers: "For the love of god please rethink your drop off arrangements for tennis lovers with mobility issues. There has to be a better way for people with wheelie stickers and specific needs. Dropping off my aunt this morning made me deeply upset. A shuttle bus from the train station might be appropriate if your mobility restrictions don't make boarding a maxi taxi very difficult and if there was a place to pull up somewhere close to the shuttle bus area. Neither applied. The traffic control officer was belligerent and refused my request to speak to someone higher up the chain to explain and seek an exemption. He said he'd already had his head chewed off this morning and was not going to risk that again. The argument was that it is a small drop off area near the venue and 'not everyone can go there'. Possibly so but that can not and should not mean not anyone can." Blindly sticking to the rule book even if the rule book clearly should be thrown out makes you a goose in my book.

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